Kick-Off Meeting

On September 14, respresentatives of all partners got together at the kick-off meeting in Karlsruhe already before the official project start. At the meeting the participating groups and organisations presented themselves and developed a detailed work plan for the first six months of the project. In addition, last steps for the signing the consortium agreement have been taken. On two half days the agenda included on the first day introduction talks of the modelling groups (STFC, UPA, UMONS, CEA, KIT) and the computing centers (CINECA, CSC, KIST and SCC/KIT). On the second day the application groups (Sony, Nokia, CEA) have presented their current projects and plans. In the following break-out sessions the parties involved in different work packages had discussions on a more technical level. One of the highlights of the meeting was the demonstration of UNICORE GridBeans und Workflows. These elements will be used as basis for implementing of integrating simulation protocols. The first regular project reviewing meeting is scheduled in the time March/April 2011 in Mons, Belgium.